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For me, the creative process is experimenting with color to create a sense of wholeness and peace. The goal was to translate those same feelings into each work.

 The photos displayed heavily emphasize the brilliance of Western New York skies and Lakes.
The abstract work explores the use of color and depth. A familiar pattern is seen throughout each piece to capture glimpses of nature's beauty. Most, if not all, of the works, displayed were themes seen in nature and gradually transformed into the finished piece.

 Though nature is a big inspiration, I am also inspired by geometry. The various shapes and sizes create a stimulating effect, allowing the paint to emphasize those features.

Science and Geometry have a unique relationship in work and life. The goal is for the viewer to feel welcomed to be thoughtful, open, and inspired by what they experience with this work.  


 Courtney Clarke is an abstract painter, photographer, and former counselor.

Though counseling was a rewarding experience, her career path changed after her mother's passing. Through this profound loss, she found solace in being creative through painting and photography.
Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she took various art classes and continued learning multiple techniques as a hobby in college. Though no formal training, there was a love for photography and a passion for blending colors.
Since moving to the Finger Lakes region, she has realized that Western New York has some of the best sunrises and sunsets. So, she often points her camera to the sky.
She resides with my sweet pup in Finger Lakes, NY. She is exploring the various trails, lakes, and parks, often reminding her of time spent in the snow-covered hills of Maine. 

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